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Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy Update India 2021

Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy Update India 2021

As we all know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg owns Whatsapp. At the start of 2021, Whatsapp pushed updates regards Whatsapp’s New privacy policy Update in India.

In which they mentioned that if you won’t accept this Privacy Policy then Whatsapp will delete your Account Permanently and you will not able to use Whatsapp anymore.

After this Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy Update the whole world starts to Uninstall Whatsapp. At that time CEO of Space X Elon Musk Tweeted Use Signal and the Hype of Signal Starts.

Whatsapp's New Privacy Policy Update

Within 2-3 Days Signal becomes the most popular Messaging app even though they get that amount of traffic that they were not able to handle that traffic and crashed.

After Seeing the growth of Signal App Whatsapp delay their Privacy Policy Update till 15 May and gives us time to accept their Privacy Policy.

But Now on 9 – May – 2021 Whatsapp Announced that if you won’t accept our Privacy Policy then They Don’t delete your Whatsapp account. They only restrict you from using Whatsapp several features.

What Features You Are Not Able To Use Whatsapp?

  1. You won’t be able to send Whatsapp Message To others.
  2. Whatsapp won’t allow you to receive messages from others also. You only receive notifications.
  3. You Won’t be able to call your friends.

What Features You Can Use Whatsapp?

  1. You can receive calls and video calls from your Friends
  2. Whatsapp allows you to see the status of others…
  3. You can upload Status.

Above is the list of features of Whatsapp that you can use after 15 – May – 2021.

Why Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy Update is so popular

Everyone is trolling Whatsapp’s New Privacy policy update because Whatsapp is now going to take our data and show us add.

Everyone knows that if Facebook takes our data then our data is no more secure that’s why everyone around the world is trolling Whatsapp And supporting Signal.

If you are also against Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy Update then don’t accept Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy and use either Signal or Telegram

How To Download Signal ?

The Download Link of Signal is given below if you want to save your data then must use Signal because they say that your data is their 1st Priority.


Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter Might Get Ban in India

Due to New Security laws by the Indian government, there are maximum chances that Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter might get Ban India because they don’t want to imply these laws on there Apps because they think that if they imply these laws then there is Freedom of Speech left for the Users. What do you think who is right and who is wrong please tell us in the comment Section.

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