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WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram: Which is More Secure

All the mentioned apps are end-to-end encrypted but due to the new Privacy Policy, WhatsApp is no more secure like Telegram and Signal. So in the article WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram, I will tell you which one is more secure and Why?

WhatsApp has updated its Privacy Policy, due to this many peoples are shifting to Telegram and Signal. In this article, you will know which App you should choose in replacement of WhatsApp.

As I already told you about WhatsApp new Privacy Policy in another article. So in this article I won’t waste your time.

If you are interested to know why everyone is against WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy then you can CLICK HERE…

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram

WhatsApp is most popular end-to-end encrypted Social messaging App. More than 220 billion people among the world are using WhatsApp.

While only from India more than 500 million Plus peoples are using WhatsApp.

Some Features of WhatsApp that you must like

Features of WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Payment : Now you can pay money to anyone using WhatsApp UPI and can receive payment also.
  • WhatsApp end-to-end encrypted message
  • Disappearing Message – In this feature you can handle everything means for how much time receiver can see your message and after that time interval message will delete automatically. The best part is no one can take Screen Shot of Disappearing message.
  • WhatsApp QR Code – With this feature you can easily add friends on WhatsApp just by scanning their QR code.
  • Permanent Mute any Chat
  • WhatsApp Group Calls
  • Dark Mode
  • Advanced Search Mode – This saves our lots of time with this feature we can easily search Images, Videos and links on WhatsApp.

Disadvantages of WhatsApp

  • New Privacy Policy Update
  • Internet is must to send receive Messages on WhatsApp.
  • You can Only Share 30 Photos at a Time
  • You cannot share file more than 100 MB

WhatsApp vs Signal

Signal is an end-to-end encrypted Messaging App like WhatsApp. Due to WhatsApp New Privacy Policy update this app came in lime light.

Signal App has more than 50 Million+ Downloads on Play Store. Signal has only 20 Million users on December 2020.

Features of Signal App

  • End-to-End Encrypted Messages.
  • Chat Wallpaper
  • In-App Payment
  • Incognito Keyboard
  • Free and Open Source.
  • Hide Messages From Appearing on Your Lock Screen
  • Self Destructing Message
  • No boundation in file Size like WhatsApp. In Signal you can even share 1 GB of file.
  • You can enable Proxy.
  • Everything is Free

Disadvantages of Signal App

  • It is buggy when running on IOS Device.
  • Not so popular and widely used
  • Requires a telephone number to sign up.

WhatsApp vs Telegram

Telegram is an Online Messaging App that works just like WhatsApp and Signal. Telegram is launched in year 2013 and now it has more than 200 million + Active users.

Features of Telegram App

  • Broadcast Group: Telegram introduces a new form of group where only admins can send messages but all the participants can join the live voice chat for discussions via audio…
  • Chat Wallpapers
  • End-to-End Encrypted
  • All features are Free
  • Live location and Proximity alerts: You can send your live location to the receiver just like WhatsApp
  • Custom Themes
  • Scheduled and Silent Messages
  • Unlimited Personal Cloud Storage.
  • Locate users Near you.

Disadvantages of Telegram

  • We can’t easily figure out person is Online or Offline.
  • There is no facility to download multiple files at once.
  • In this, you cannot find out about the status of the contact
  • Their user database is less than other competitors.
  • Anyone can easily search you just by knowing your Name.

This is everything about WhatsApp vs Signal vs Telegram. By checking their Disadvantages and Advantages you can select your Next Messaging App.

My Opinion

If WhatsApp withdraw their Privacy Policy then for messaging WhatsApp and Signal both are very good.

But there are certain limitations in WhatsApp and Signal like you can add only limited amount of users to their group.

If you own a Business then Telegram is Perfect for you.

All 3 Apps are good you just need to select according to your Needs.

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