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Loki Season 2 Release Date | Star Cast | Story Line

After the huge success of Loki Season 1, The Makers of Loki has announced Loki Season 2 Release Date. The production of Loki Season 2 will begin in January 2022 as per the announcement.

  • Season Name – Loki Season 2
  • Directed by – Kate Herron
  • Release Date – June 2022
  • Distributed by – Disney + Hotstar
  • Written by – Michael Waldron

Loki Season 2 is an upcoming Science fiction and magical web series is directed by Kate Herron and produced by Marvel Studious. Yesterday, on 14 July 2021, when the last Episode of Loki Season 1 was released at the end they announced the Season 2. This series is full of action, Drama, and Suspense. Season 2 of the Loki web series will telecast on Disney + Hotstar in June 2022. The trailer of the series will release in March 2022.


On the heels of the mind-bending WandaVision and action-forward The Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes the latest Disney Plus series from Marvel Studios, Loki. The six-part season 1 finds the God of Mischief himself transported from the events of 2012’s The Avengers to a drab office outside of the known MCU timeline, where the Time Variance Authority keeps a tab on humanity’s every action.

Loki Season 2 Leaks

14 Phere: RELEASE DATE|| Star Cast || Story Line

The Season 1 will focus on the Revenge of Sylvie from Time Keepers and at last She killed one of the version of Kang the Conqueror by betraying Loki.

This season also focussed that how time keepers means Kang the Conqueror control the world and he is more powerful than Thanos, echo and other Marvel Villians that we have seen in past, and this is just the beginning of Multiverse there is more to come out in Doctor Strange 2, Loki Season 2, Spider Man No Way home, and all other marvel Phase 4 movies.


The ending of season 1 confirmed that the Season 2 will begin with Multiverse War which will begin because Sylvie killed He Who Remains(aka, Kang the Conqueror). The Final Season of the episode 2 also reveals that Sylvie has sent Loki to Time Variance Authority where the time again starts from the beginning, As kang said loki and Sylvie which means this is the end of time and after the death of Kang the time again starts from beginning.

So the upcoming Season 2 will focus on how Loki and Sylvie stops different versions of He Who Remain, and how they tell the truth to the members of Time Variance Authority that they all are Variants with Proof.


The Production of Season 2 will start from Januray 2022 and as per the leaks either the Season 2 will start streaming on Disney + Hotstar from June 2022 or January 2022. Everything depend on when they launch the trailer of Season 2 because atleast after 3 months from trailer launch they will launch the Season 2.


Tom HiddlestonLoki
Sophia Di MartinoSylvie
Owen WilsonMobius
Gugu Mbatha-RawRavonna Renslayer
Tara StrongMiss Minutes
Wunmi MosakuHunter B-15
Eugene CorderoCasey
Such a great Star Cast

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