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Is Incognito mode safe or not?

Is Incognito mode safe or not?

But incognito mode is not as safe as you and me think.

Is Incognito mode safe or not?

Is Incognito mode safe or not? Let me tell you some interesting facts about the incognito mode, last year in June three men of America file a complaint against goggles. A complaint was the field he had to say Goggle spread data tracking is business the pursuit of the users does not leave stalking of data in incognito mode and surfing private browsing data. Goggle wants to knock out this case but the judge who handles this case decided to, goggle will have to face it.

If goggle loses this case then goggle will have to pay damage 5 billion dollars 3,69,82,50,00,000.00 Indian Rupee. Rumors say the US district judge writes in its decision goggle did not inform its users that is used to collect the user alleged data even in private browsing. Goggle said that an Incognito mode does not mean that it becomes invisible, Goggle says if a user searches any website then we able to see their activities and the third-party Cookies present on this website, and those with advertising can also see their activities.

Goggle chrome gives independent permission if we use incognito mode then there is no type of data stored in user browsing history and their phone. when we go to the incognito mode homepage we already see, Now you can browse privately, and other people who use this device won’t see your activity. However, downloads, bookmarks, and reading list items will be saved. Chrome won’t save the following information:

  • Your browsing history
  • Cookies and site data
  • Information entered in forms

Your activity might still be visible to:

  • Websites you visit
  • Your employer or school
  • Your internet service provider.

some time ago google chrome announced that it will also remove the third-party Cookies and say we bring a new type of tracking system instead of system Cookies that doesn’t stick like it.

what to use?

Is Incognito mode safe or not? Until goggle removes these third party then you have only one solution use a browser like which does not track you and block third party Cookies. if you want to do private browsing then you go through, Mozilla firefox and apple safari browser both block these Cookies.

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