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Best Hollywood Movie

Best Hollywood movies of all time(in Hindi)

Here is the list of Best Hollywood movies of all time(in Hindi).


Best Hollywood movies of all time(in Hindi)

This movie is a reboot of the Hell boy movie series already launch in the year 2019 .hell boy is a magical fantasy superhero movie and this is the 3rd live-action movie of hell boy Frenchies. and this movie is based on the dark horse comics character of hell boy. Hellboy, a supernatural being belongs to the hell world, and through a portal, He came on earth and work with the paranormal research and defense center to save the earth with monsters and supernatural powers. He has to face an enemy name Nimue, also known as “the Queen of Blood” or “the Lady of the Lake”, She is a powerful ancient witch who comes back again to complete their pending motive.

Let see, what is the motive of Nimue and Hellboy stop them to complete their motive now go and watch this movie on amazon prime. If you love to watch magical fantasy movies then you definitely watch it, and CJI or VFX is too good and this is also available in Hindi.


ghost rider

In 2007 release ghost rider is an action fantasy movie this is based on Marvel comic character. The story of the movie is rider Johnny Blaze decided to give her soul to the devil to protect her father from cancer and due to this devil make him a ghost. Ghost rider is a bounty hunter who controls the hellfire, with that motorcycle, he could come into a hell world, the motive to catch a soul those who make promises with the devil and not complete at all. If you want to watch this movie then you can find this on amazon prime.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Download

In 2013 release The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is an action fantasy movie based on a girl named Clary Fray who live in a new work city one day she realizes a surprisingly secret she is not a normal human being rather than Clary is one of the Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of half-angel warriors who fight demons. Now, he has to face a dangerous hunter who is now looking for a magical cup .clary together with the rest of Shadowhunters and trying to stop a hunter motive eventually cup is so important can Shadowhunters stop him now, you will this in the movie. The movie is also available in Hindi on amazon prime.


Best Hollywood movies of all time(in Hindi)

The 2015 release Goosebumps is a horror adventure movie there have been 2 parts of this movie so far and both parts are based on R L Stine (the author of Goosebumps) children’s book series. Now the story is about two friends who accidentally open the book of an author after which all the creators and monsters of that book come out of the book alive. After that, they started destroying all the town and throw all the things from here and there. All these creators being made of magic and the magic power is also full it is very difficult to control them and send them back to the book. So, are they all able to send this magical monster in the book or not? To know this, you will have to watch this movie. This movie you should watch with your family, available in Hindi also on Netflix.

John Carter

Best Hollywood movies of all time(in Hindi)

In 2012 release sci-fi adventure movie, story based on an Ex.army captain John Carter who goes to a cave in a search of gold and a mysterious incident occurs there so that it teleports directly to the mars planet where Already had a chance of civil war between two community. And the giant take him there and the twist in the story comes when John Carter tries to save the princess of the planet mars and what happens next, you will enjoy it in the movies. this movie is available in Hindi and watches it on Disney+ Hotstar.

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