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5 Hidden Android Features

5 Hidden Android Features You Should Know About

Android is the most popular Operating System around the globe. Android offers a variety of features and we only know about a few of them. So here I am going to tell you about the 5 Hidden Android Features about which many of you are not aware of.


  • 5 Hidden Android Features
  • How to Apply These Hidden Features on Your Android Phone
  • At Last One interesting fact about Android

5 Hidden Android Features

Using Split Screen For Multi-tasking

5 Hidden Android Features

The most important feature of Android is having the ability to have 2 applications running on the screen simultaneously. Not all app support Split screen features.

Instagram and Hotstar are the most popular apps which don’t support the Split Screen feature.

Most popular games like Pubg and Free Fire also Support this feature.

How to enable the Split Screen Mode on Android Phones :

  1. Open the app that you want to open in Split Screen.
  2. Enter the recent app’s screen by pressing the recent button if you are using 3-buttons or just swipe up from the home bar means whatever Screen gesture you using opens the recent app accordingly.
  3. From the recent app click on the 2 dots just above your screen.
  4. Select the Split Screen feature from there
  5. At last, select the 2nd app that you want to open on a split-screen.

Hide Files

5 Hidden Android Features

If you want to hide your private files and don’t want to show them on Private folders also because many times people want you to show the Private folder.

This feature is only for you. Use DotFIlename(.Filename) This will hide your file from everywhere.

Just Place a dot before your filename after that no one can see your file because the maximum no. of people don’t know about this feature.

How to open Hidden Files ?

You just need to go to your file manager setting from there turn on Show Hidden Files Feature.

Get into Your Phone Faster With Smart Lock

Smart Lock For Android

Keeping your smartphone secure is important, If you are holding your device then there is no explanation on why you need to unlock your device every time of drag it from your Pocket.

When you pick up your phone multiple times in a day and are irritated by unlocking your device every time then this feature is only for you.

When Smart Lock is turned on this keeps the device unlocked in certain conditions to allow unlocking for the screen without any authentications.

  1. Trusted Face
  2. Trusted Location
  3. Select Trusted Devices
  4. On-body Identification

This feature has certain disadvantages also.

  • By turning this on you are compromising your security.
  • Anyone can use your device without your permission by the trusted location feature.

Recover Accidentally Cleared Notifications

5 Hidden Android Features

This is one of the best features because if you don’t want to go online and want to read someone’s message without knowing them and accidentally you cleared your Notifications then don’t worry I will tell you how to recover these Notifications.

  • Long-Push on any empty spot on your screen.
  • Selects Widgets from the Menu.
  • Discover the Settings Shortcut Widget.
  • In Setting Shortcut Scroll Down and tap Notification log
  • Notification log shortcut will appear on your screen now.
  • Tap on the shortcut to view all missed Notifications

Google Ads Target

Hidden Android Settings

If you want that google will not recommend your suggestions according to your searches then this feature is only for you.

  • Open Setting
  • Select Google
  • Click on Ads
  • Select Opt-Out of Ads

Congratulations Now you can search whatever you want and google won’t recommend you any suggestions and don’t show any ad and you search whatever you want.

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Did You Know : ANDROID was not a Google’s Idea

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